Elisa is the founder of the center and she is the spiritual leader .
She is supported by her family and a group of dedicated English and Spanish Western facilitators.
Often, traveling healers form other tribes and communities, or members of Elisa’s family visit the center and can participate in ceremonies and retreats.

Elisa Vargas Fernandez

Elisa Vargas Fernández, also known as “Reshin Wesna” in Shipibo, is a 53-year-old Peruvian native born on May 8, 1964, in the community of San Francisco, Ucayali Department. She hails from the honorable Shipibo Konibo lineage and fluently speaks and writes the Shipibo language.

In her personal life, Elisa faced cervical cancer but drew strength from the wisdom of her ancestors, who believed in the healing power of nature. Embracing medicinal plants from her surroundings, she successfully healed herself, thanks to the bountiful jungle. Today, Elisa resides in the native community of Yarinacocha, where she established an eco-alternative center called “Sanken Nete” in the Shipibo language, meaning the wonder world of plants.

As a native healer (Meraya) of the Shipibo ethnicity, Elisa carries on the healing traditions of her ancestors. Through ayahuasca sessions, she connects with intangible dimensions and shares cosmic visions with her patients. Using Icaros, she helps others comprehend the interconnection with our ecosystem, promoting healing of mental and physical ailments.

Elisa’s profound knowledge of medicinal plants has taken her on journeys across Peru to Lima, Cusco, Iquitos, and Tarapoto. She has also been invited to international destinations, including Argentina, Korea, Mexico, Slovenia, and Taiwan, where she conducts ayahuasca ceremonies for those studying and researching healing plants in nature.

Fredy Luis Vargas fernandez

Fredy, the son of the esteemed healer Elisa Vargas Fernández, is a torchbearer of his family’s rich legacy of ancestral wisdom and profound healing practices. Growing up in the nurturing embrace of his Shipibo heritage, Fredy has cultivated a deep and intimate connection with the natural world, particularly the medicinal plants that hold the keys to holistic well-being.

At the heart of his journey lies the “Sanken Nete” center, where Fredy serves as a guide for those seeking transformative experiences. With a genuine reverence for the power of plants and an innate understanding of their healing properties, Fredy skillfully facilitates ayahuasca sessions, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their inner landscapes.

One of Fredy’s most distinctive attributes is his role as a custodian of potent icaros – sacred songs channeled through generations of Shipibo healers. These icaros are not merely melodies; they are potent conduits of spiritual energy, capable of unlocking profound insights and facilitating profound healing. Fredy’s mastery of these ancient songs allows him to guide participants through their inner journeys, weaving a tapestry of sound that harmonizes with the vibrations of the universe.

In his holistic approach to healing, Fredy seamlessly combines the wisdom of his lineage with a compassionate and intuitive understanding of each individual’s unique path. With each ayahuasca ceremony he conducts, he embodies the role of a spiritual guide, gently helping participants navigate the depths of their consciousness, confront their challenges, and embrace their potential for transformation.

Fredy’s journey is not just a continuation of his family’s legacy; it is an evolution, a testament to the timeless connection between humanity and nature. As he shares his insights, his icaros, and his healing touch, Fredy invites us all to reconnect with our inner selves, the world around us, and the profound wisdom that resides within the plants and the very fabric of existence.

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